Lowepro Clips 120

8.5 Rating

A compact hand/shoulder bag for camcorders, long-zoom digicams or a small DSLR and lens.Designed primarily to hold a video camera, the new Lowepro Clips 120 bag can also accommodate a long-zoom digicam or small DSLR camera with one lens attached. The main compartment of the bag opens outwards via a pivoting flap, which provides fast and easy access to the camera. It contains two sections: a large rectangular pouch for the camera and, behind it, a slot that can be used for carrying instruction manuals, disks or other small, flat items. A reversed zipper closure prevents dust from entering but can be a bit fiddly to close.

Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Camera Backpack

8.5 Rating

A robust backpack for bushwalking professional and enthusiast photographers who require weatherproof protection for their equipment.Announced in August 2008, Lowepro’s Flipside 400 AW joins an extensive range of camera backpacks produced by this enterprising company. The largest in the Flipside series, it’s targeted at professional photographers and serious enthusiasts – particularly outdoors enthusiasts – who want to carry a couple of camera bodies plus lenses and accessories, providing a practical solution that is secure and comfortable to wear and has silent zipper pulls for wildlife photography.

Lowepro Cirrus TLZ 15

8.5 Rating

Available in black or aquamarine blue, Lowepro’s Cirrus TLZ 15 camera pouch is affordable priced and can accommodate a long-zoom digicam or a small DSLR with zoom lens attached. Designed primarily for photographers who want to protect their cameras from dust, moisture and impact shock yet keep it readily accessible, the Cirrus TLZ 15 has a tough outer layer that is water- and abrasion-resistant and a padded, tricot-lined interior pouch that holds the camera.

Lexar Media Professional 133x and Platinum II 60x 1GB Secure Digital Cards

High-speed SD cards for cameras with fast burst speeds and high-capacity buffer memories.Designed for DSLR cameras and devices that record and store video and multimedia files, Lexar Media’s latest premium Secure Digital (SD) cards combine high speed with high storage capacity. The ‘133x’ tag on the Professional 133x SD cards denotes a minimum sustained write speed capability of 20MB/second, which means these cards should be able to write Raw files from a high-resolution DSLR camera in less than one second.

Gary Fong Lighting Accessories

A range of accessories that make the output from a portable flash gun more flattering to subjects.Gary Fong is a former wedding photographer who developed a suite of highly successful lighting accessories, some of which have become ‘must have’ tools for wedding photographers. So successful was the LightSphere range of products that Fong went on to become an entrepreneur who has made multiple fortunes in business and real estate.

Camera Armor

Impact protection for DSLR cameras.Camera Armor (note the American spelling) is a close fitting stay-on glove that is designed to protect SLR cameras against impact shock. Available in Black or Smoke, it consists of separate, shock-absorbing, flexible silicone camera and lens housings, a polycarbonate LCD shield and a lens cap tether. Separate designs are made for different brands and models to ensure photographers have access to all camera controls as well as battery and card compartments and interface ports. Most popular DSLRs are covered.

ThinkTank Photo Airport Antidote V. 2.0

8.5 Rating

A capacious backpack for serious photographers who frequently travel by air.ThinkTank Photo is a new brand name in the Australian market with products that are designed by photographers for photographers. The company’s design philosophy focuses on ‘speed’ and ‘accessibility’, helping photographers to ‘be ready’ when a photo opportunity presents itself. Three of the company’s designers are photographers (the fourth is a former Lowepro designer), while the ‘design board’, which provides direction and product testing, consists of 11 photographer/photojournalist members, selected from leading US publications.

ATP ProMax II CompactFlash Card and USB 2.0 Reader

A fast CF card that is designed to support cameras with the new UDMA interface.ATP Electronics Taiwan has recently introduced a number of memory card products to the Australian market, offering high data transfer speeds and support for the new UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access), which is beginning to be offered in an increasing number of digital still cameras and camcorders. UDMA supports faster data transmission through double transition clocking, in which data can be transmitted on both the rising and falling edges of the interface clock (unlike earlier systems which only sent data on the rising edge).