Lexar Professional 133x Speed 2GB CompactFlash Card

Rugged construction and fast data transfer speeds for today’s DSLR camera users.Just over a year after SanDisk released its Extreme III line of memory cards, Lexar Media has produced a competing line-up in its Professional range, under the ‘133x Speed’ label. The new Lexar cards offer the same 20 MB/second minimum sustained write speed as the SanDisk cards and include the proprietary Write Acceleration Technology, which allows high-performance DSLR cameras to store images as quickly as possible. Each card also carries a lifetime warranty and gives professional photographers unlimited access to Lexar’s technical support facilities.

Lexar Professional UDMA Dual Slot Reader

A fast, portable reader for the latest high-speed CF and SD memory cards.We’ve been using Lexar’s Professional UDMA dual slot memory card reader for a few months and have been very impressed by its compact size, sensible design and operational efficiency. With a 72 x 65 mm footprint and a weight of just under 67 grams, it’s small enough to pack into a laptop bag and takes up very little desk space, making it ideal for photographers who work in the studio and/or on location.

Velbon Ultra Maxi M Tripod

8 Rating

A lightweight tripod for travellers and bushwalkers.Velbon’s Ultra Maxi tripods combine compact size with light weight and feature a patented Trunnion Shaft System (TSS) which minimises their length when folded. Each unit is supplied with a sturdy nylon carry-bag that has dual drawstring closures and a sling strap for easy carrying. Compact enough to fit into a backpack they are ideal for travellers and bushwalkers.

ThinkTank Photo Skin Set

8.5 Rating

A non-padded, lightweight, modular system of equipment pouches than can be worn on belts or harnesses.Modular systems represent a relatively new type of ‘camera bag’ but they’ve become quite popular with some professional photographers (especially photojournalists and multi-media shooters – because they’re designed to be customised. You simply purchase a belt or harness and then add the required pouches and hangers to carry your kit. This system is exemplified by the Skin Set from ThinkTank Photo.

Sekonic Digital Master L-758DR Light Meter

Claimed as the world’s first multi-function light meter with exposure profiling and wireless triggering, the Sekonic Digital Master L-758DR has been designed for professional photographers who shoot with advanced digital cameras but can also be used by photographers who shoot film. No light meter we’ve encountered offers such a wide range of capabilities.

SanDisk Extreme IV 4GB CompactFlash Card & FireWire Reader

Fast data transfer speeds for high-volume photographers.SanDisk has just released a new Extreme IV line of memory cards, which are designed to meet the needs of professional photographers who use high-performance DSLR cameras. Claimed as the fastest storage cards available, Extreme IV cards are available in 2, 4 and 8-gigabyte (GB) capacities and deliver read and write speeds of 40 megabytes per second (MB/sec.), twice as fast as the SanDisk Extreme III cards.

Orbis Ring-Flash Adapter

8 Rating

A fit-over adapter for softening the light from electronic flash guns.The orbis ring flash adapter has been developed with the specific aim of providing SLR photographers with a softer light source from their accessory flash guns. Made from tough ABS plastic it has a ribbed grip with lugs for the supplied tethering strap. Above this sits a 42 mm thick annulus with a translucent front panel and internal mirrors that direct the light forward.

Nissin Di622 Mark II Flash Gun

9 Rating

A powerful and affordably-priced external flash for Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.The Nissin Di622 Mark II flash gun, which was announced at Photokina in September 2010, improves on an earlier model by adding Wireless TTL remote capabilities and the ability to be used as a slave flash with multiple flash units (including studio flash systems). This model sits in the middle of the Nissin flash range and is for DSLR cameras only. Its light output, coverage and controllability of the flash head make it ideal for photo enthusiasts.

Manfrotto MF 055XPROB and MF 190XPROB Tripods

Two highly-adjustable, professional-quality tripods for photographers with DLSR and medium-format cameras.Manfrotto’s 190 series tripods were first introduced 20 years ago and the design remains popular with photographers, both professional and enthusiast. The new 190XPROB model retains all the best-loved features of its predecessors but provides improvements in build, compactness and ease of use. A ‘big brother’ to the 190XPROB model, the 055XPROB has many of the same features but is larger and more solidly built and can carry greater loads.