FOR # 18

This year’s winner of the coveted World Press Photo of the Year award went to a colour image taken on 31 March, 2003, by French photographer Jean-Marc Bouju. The image depicts a hooded Iraqi war prisoner holding his 4-year-old son at a US detention camp in Iraq and portrays a rare moment of humanity in a war zone.

Pentax K10D

A feature-rich, high-resolution DSLR for serious photographers with some innovative and useful functions.A relatively late entrant into the 10-megapixel DSLR category, the new Pentax K10D offers a number of advantages over its competitors, starting with its more robust, body, which has dust and weatherproof sealing. The plastic case is solidly mounted on a metal chassis, which gives added weight to the camera itself. Balance is excellent and the camera-plus-lens is comfortable to hold and operate. Built-in image stabilisation and dust removal on start-up are based on CCD-shift technology.