PR44 Photo Challenge: Veiled

We’re never quite sure what to expect from our endlessly creative Photo Challengers and the Veiled challenge was no exception to the rule. Winner Pamela Smith earned first place for noticing and then capturing the veiling effect of a horse’s mane. This is the kind of outside-of-the-box thinking we really like to see. For her well-executed effort, Photo Review Australia is pleased to send Pamela a JCMatthew 19-inch (48cm) digital photo frame, the DPF-BOM19 HD Pro Series 1280×1024 resolution with secure file technology.

PR29 Photo Challenge: Musical Performance

Our PR29 Photo Challenge was simple enough – namely, to capture a musical performance. We decided to give the winner’s guernsey to Mat Moore for his untitled but interestingly complex study of a musician and his audience of one [right, and larger image below]. It’s a very nicely composed image, with an intriguing visual tension between the two subjects.

PR19 Photo Challenge: Freeze-frame

Our freeze-frame photo challenge proved very popular indeed. While it’s difficult to choose a winner and runners-up from so many strong entries, we’re pleased to have the ‘problem’. In the end, three striking images from Melissa Grimley caught our collective eye, and we’ve decided to give her balletic ‘white man trying to jump’ the winner’s guernsey. She writes: ‘These photos were taken one sunny late afternoon of my brother and a mate whilst they were “mucking about” at a local park with a skateboard and playing one-on-one basketball. The photos were shot with a Canon EOS 300D with a 17-40mm f4 L lens at shutter speeds between 1/1000th and 1/1600th of a second to freeze them in mid-action.’ has won a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Executive Edition.