In Talalla

‘As soon as I finished school, I went overseas’, says Jess Brown. In 1998 at the tender age of 18, she was off to Europe. ‘I was using film and not shooting digital. I took a pack of film with me overseas and travelled around Europe. I just travelled and took photos for a year, which was great. I wouldn’t really walk around in my own city and take lots of photos, so it was good to be in a foriegn country where you didn’t have any inhibitions. I really started shooting.’

How the Inner West was Won

If you happen to live in certain parts of Sydney, The Glebe & Inner Western Weekly is delivered to your doorstep every Wednesday. If you also happen to be a photographer, it is impossible not to notice the name John Appleyard. There it is time and again, under the photo on the front page, throughout the news pages and back through sections for the arts, entertainment, dining and sport.

Having a Ferrari of a Time

We emailed Australian photographer Mark Bramley to find out how his freelance career was going in London. Quite well, apparently. He replied: “I’m literally about to leave for the airport, for a four day shoot in Italy, so I’m going to be brief. Feel free to elaborate on my behalf.”

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Finding the Juice

Mark Rogers’ career began with an extended period of itinerant work and travel around Australia and Europe. He picked fruit, took jobs on building sites and in mines and worked on prawnboats and in canefields. Along the way he developed an interest in the dramatic arts in general and acting in particular.

Eye for a scene

Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you plan. Originally I’d intended to interview Geoffrey Simpson about his work as a cinematographer, with the idea of exploring the intersection between his craft and the art of photographic composition. Although he is an extremely busy fellow, we managed to conduct the interview. Unfortunately, it turned out to be difficult to organise the high resolution images from his films we’d need for publication in the magazine. Ownership and copyright issues that arise from such a highly collaborative art form, it seems, are extremely complex.

Exceeding expectations

Ross Eason bases his Sunshine Coast commercial photography business on exceeding clients’ expectations, and he has the skill, creative confidence and work ethic to do so. It’s the other factors – the ones beyond his control – which can make the task an unforseen challenge.

Creature Discomforts

Visitors to Peter Strain’s gallery in Broome, Western Australia, typically react to his macro photographs of mangrove tree snails with laughter and amazement. These Creatures of the Giant Tides, as he has called the series, are startlingly colourful, varied and Ëœalien’.