Zoner, Inc. has just released its first touch-friendly version of the Windows PC Zoner Photo Studio image editor and is launching a new version of the online photo gallery.

Zoner Photo Studio is designed to ‘grow ‘with the photographer. Most users start with the Free Edition, which covers basic image editing and management needs and offers quick one-click work. They can then move on to the Pro Edition (US$89), which contains a RAW module and advanced tools for 3D, HDR and Tilt-shift, as well as professional noise reduction and Content-aware Resize. Zoner Photo Studio also   ffers easy ways to tag and find photos based on keywords, coloured labels, ratings and other EXIF information. Version 16 adds quick drag and drop geotagging, based on Google Maps.

The online photo gallery offers photographers unlimited space at no charge to users of Zoner Photo Studio 16. Users can also choose their own domain. A free trial version of Zoner Photo Studio is available at