Zeiss has released details of its new Loxia range of manual focus lenses that have been developed for Sony’s ‘full-frame’ E-Mount α7, α7R and α7S cameras.


 The new Loxia 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 lenses. (Source: Zeiss.)

The new Loxia 2/35 and Loxia 2/50 lenses will go on display at Photokina, which opens in Cologne, Germany on 16 September. They are the first members of a new family of manual focus lenses for the Sony ?7 series of cameras and have been optimised to work with digital sensors and electronic viewfinders. Features include mechanical aperture setting and a new ‘de-click’ mechanical deactivation of the aperture click stops for serious video shooters. An electronic interface transmits lens data (in EXIF format) to the camera and also recognises focus movements. If desired, it can activate the camera’s magnifier function.  The combination of manual focusing and precise aperture setting provide a ‘traditional’ way for photographers to shoot and allow freedom for creativity.

Featuring a Biogon design, the Loxia 2/35 consists of nine lens elements in six groups. Its moderate wide angle is ideal for nature, landscape and architectural photography and a  minimum focus of just 0.3 meters enables close-ups to be captured with an unusual perspective.

The design of the Loxia 2/50, which is based on the famous Planar, has six lens elements in four groups. Its angle of view is similar to normal eyesight, making it suitable for subjects as diverse as travel and family photography to photojournalism and portraiture. Its minimum focusing distance of 0.37 meters is suitable for close-ups.

The Loxia 2/50 will be available worldwide starting October 2014 and the Loxia 2/35 from the end of the fourth quarter of 2014. The recommended retail price of the Loxia 2/35 will be EUR 965.55 (US$ 1,299.00) (excl. VAT) and that of the Loxia 2/50 will be EUR 713.45 (US$ 949.00) (excl. VAT). Details can be found at http://blogs.zeiss.com/photo/en/?p=5313.