The Camera Journal Press Club of Japan (CJPC) has presented its annual awards in the Camera Grand Prix 2016 competition


The Sony ?7R II camera, winner of this year’s Japanese Camera Grand Prix competition. (Source: Sony.)

The Camera of the Year award has gone to the Sony ?7R II, which also won a TIPA award as the Best Mirrorless CSC in the Professional category. The Lens of the Year award went to the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f/4.0 IS PRO lens, a super-telephoto lens covering an angle of view equivalent to a 600mm f/4 lens on a 35mm format camera. The ‘Readers Award’, which resulted from votes of the consumers at the dedicated web site, went to the Nikon D5 (which also won the TIPA award for the Best Professional DSLR/Action). ‘Editors Awards’ went to the Canon EOS 5Ds/5Ds R camera, the Sony Cyber-shot RX 10 II/RX100 1V and the Fujifilm X-Pro2.

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