Marking World Diabetes Day on 14 November, the Macular Disease Foundation Australia has announced the winners of the mEYE World Photographic Competition 2016.


The winning image in this year’s competition. © Tania Savona.
The Grand Finalist and Macular Disease Community Winner is the above photograph taken by Tania Savona of Ormond, Victoria, for her photograph of ballerinas relaxing after a hard day’s work of dancing. Commenting on the image, photographer, Tania Savona said: You cannot see their eyes but they have a look of calmness and shared friendship. I’m not a dancer but I love to see my daughter dance and escape into her world of beautiful music and costumes.

The winner in the Healthcare Professional category  was Dr Kerry Boytell of Mosman in  NSW with a photograph of Milford Sound in New Zealand showing the mountains reflected in still water. The associated comment was: It was a unique experience to be able to see it on one of its few clear days per year. Being blessed with good vision is essential to experience the visual wonders of our world.

Sharran Makin of Redhead in NSW won the Open (General Public) category with a photograph of horses being driven across a creek. Her comment was: To see a horse is beautiful, to see a team of horses is majestic. To be able to see it is a gift and to be able to capture the moment is a blessing.

The Junior (Under 18) category was won by Floyd Mallon of Maitland in NSW with a picture of someone shining a bright beam of light upwards towards a starry sky. His comment was: To me, photography is a means of connecting with beautiful parts of the world. Astrophotography, in particular, allows me to see a world that is not visible to the naked eye. Seeing the Milky Way on the screen of my camera never ceases to leave me speechless. That is how I connect to nature and to the world.

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