Atek, Inc., a diversified Californian technology company, has released Sizester, a photo resizing and sharing application for Windows that was developed to provide a simple way to resize high megapixel images.


Sizester opens files just about any way possible, including File | Open, copy/paste image or file icon, drag/drop image or file icon, right click, etc. It also provides multiple ways to resize physical dimensions (pixels), including: drag corner, drag slider, enter percentage, enter pixels and crop. It can also resize multiple images as a batch/group. Resolution can be adjusted with a slider or by directly inputting a specific image file size in KB to control file size while maintaining image quality and users can click to email or upload to favorite social networking, cloud storage, and photo sharing sites. Sizeter supports one-click uploading to most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Flickr.

Sizester is available at  as a 15-day free trial or for US$9.95 for a single Windows computer license (multiple computer licenses are available as well). Atek plans to launch a Mac version of the application soon.