Verbatim’s latest Store’n’Go portable hard drives have been released with a USB 3.0 “Super Speed” interface that promises up to 10 times faster data transfer rates than USB 2.0.


The new USB 3.0-enabled Store’n’Go portable hard drive. (Source: Verbatim.)

Store ‘n’ Go portable hard drives are formatted in FAT32 enabling you to use them on Windows OS and Mac OS systems. They are also backwards compatible to USB 2.0 ports. They require no separate power supply, drawing power from the host device via the USB cable. Each drive is bundled with Nero Backup software for Windows operating systems (but not compatible with Mac OS), which supports auto and manual backups. They also come with Green Button energy saving software, which suspends the hard drive while not in use, increasing efficiency and saving energy. There are 3 ‘Sleep Setting’ options that apply the suspend mode after 10 minutes of use, or by increments of 10 minutes up to 120 minutes. Users can also set the drive to suspend immediately by double clicking the Green Button icon on the desktop or set the drive to ‘Never Suspend the disk’. For details visit and select the Portable Hard Drives icon.