The Australian Centre for Photography has introduced two new courses, The Studio Portrait and Business Basics for Photographers, designed for professional and emerging commercial photographers.

The Studio Portrait will commence with a three-hoursession on Wednesday 25 July at 6:30 p.m. It aims to develop portraiture skillsusing a variety of studio lighting arrangements. Tutor, Tom Luscombe, studentslearn classic portrait set-ups including low and high key, Rembrandt lightingand “Hollywood” lighting. The course emphasises a hands-on approach,giving students valuable practical experience working in a studioenvironment. 

Business Basics for Photographers begins on Monday 23July at 6:30 p.m. and also consists of three-hour sessions. Tutor, FionaWolf-Symeonides, will cover business basics for freelance photographers andinclude anintroduction to industry standards and organisations such as AustralianCommercial and Media Photographers (ACMP) and the Australian Institute ofProfessional Photography (AIPP). The coursewill also feature guest speakers from the industry, providing a wide range ofperspectives and insight.

Details of both courses can be found on or by emailing