The Sunflower Foundation, a charity that helps empower and educate girls and women all over the world, has announced a photographic competition titled ‘Now I Can’.


Launched with the aim of tackling gender inequality and empowering girls and women to take action, the competition was inspired by the foundation’s 2015 project in Sasa Naweza, Swahiti and the immense positive effect it had on the education of the girls in that community.

This competition is based on this story and its sole purpose is for those applicants to be inspired and capture those moments when something they ‘Wish they could’ becomes something ‘Now they can’.

Entries can be submitted in three categories: Professional, Amateur and Student. Each category is subject to an entry fee and the winner will be determined by the judges, who include Darren Tilnak, Kate T. Hardng, Seyhan Camgoz, Daniel Power as well as the foundation President Kim Power.

The completion opens on 01/11/16 and closes on 15/01/17. The general public is welcome to participate in picking the winners five days after the entries close.

The winners will be picked at the start of March and announced shortly after.   For more information and to enter the competition, visit (Entries are subject to the Terms and Conditions listed on The Sunflower foundation website.)