New Zealand start-up, Syrp Ltd, has launched The Genie, an affordable and straightforward device for camera motion control and time-lapse photography.


The Genie in use, showing the control box that moves a camera under its own power on a dolly track. (Source: Syrp.)

Selling for US$890, the full kit includes a cable for connecting a camera, enabling it to be moved along a track for capturing either panning or linear time lapses.  The Genie can be attached to any standard tripod head or legs and integrated with existing equipment then programmed to move and shoot in a panning direction at a desired speed. The only limit to how far the camera can move is how long the rope is.  

The Software on The Genie is easy to use and users can save presets into the recording menu.  It is quick to set up a shot and start recording, minimising the risk of missed shots. All components in The Genie are packaged together with integrated screen, keypad, motor,  batteries and controller inside one unit that can easily fit in a standard camera bag, alongside a camera.  
Full details of  The Genie can be found at