Tamron’s new SP AF90mm F2.


: Tamron’s new SP AF90mm F2.8 Di 1:1 macro lens features a”Digitally Integrated” design (Di) that makes it equally suitable for use with film and digital SLR cameras.


The SP90mm Macro lens, which was first introduced in 1979, underwent a major model change several years ago to achieve 1:1 macro capability and has since then been rated as a ‘best buy’ in many countries. Tamron’s Di optical system includes new coating surfaces that minimise the optical aberrations seen when 35mm SLR lenses are used on digital cameras, notably the flare and ghosting that result from light reflecting off the mirror-like sensor surfaces. The 90mm focal length is converted to an equivalent of 140mm on a DSLR camera with a 1.5x lens multiplier factor. This makes the new lens ideal for portraiture with both film and digital SLRs. At the same time, the 1:1 macro capability enables users to capture dramatic close-ups, while providing a working camera-to-subject distance of 29 cm.
The new SP AF90mm lens is also smaller and lighter than its predecessor, measuring only 97mm in length and weighing just 405 grams. It is expected to sell for $799 and is available with mountings for Nikon AF-D, Minolta AF-D, Canon AF and Pentax AF cameras. Full details can be found at www.maxwell.com.au.