Three new manufacturers have signed up to develop products for the Micro Four Thirds system, according to a posting on the Olympus Global website.

Tamron is a well-known manufacturer of  interchangeable SLR camera lenses as well as lens units for surveillance camera systems. Kenko Tokina  also produces  a wide variety of photographic lenses and optical products. It is also Japan’s largest manufacturer and reseller of lens filters. AstroDesign designs and develops professional video equipment and measurement/analysis-related equipment.  According to the press release: With the addition of exciting new products from these companies, the Micro Four Thirds lineup will become much more diverse, further increasing the potential of this advanced digital imaging system.
Tokina has also announced an update to its 11-16mm f/2.8 lens featuring an additional aspherical element and improved coatings plus a new SD-M (silent drive-module) autofocus motor. The lens will be released in March with Canon and Nikon mounts.