Borge’s Imaging is offering an updated portfolio of portable photo studio solutions for ‘clean sweep’ product photography.


January 8, 2008: Borge’s Imaging is offering an updated portfolio of portable photo studio solutions for ‘clean sweep’ product photography.
Manufactured by Sharpics, the D-Flector portfolio has been enhanced and is now available in three different packages as a Complete Tabletop Studio. The Sharpics Complete Tabletop Studio System provides the main components needed for small product photography. It consists of a D-Flector background (available in either 20 x 32 inches or 30 x 40 inches), clamp-on tabletop monopod, a compact studio light kit and two fluorescent bulbs and an overhead light. Each D-Flector background comes in a black leatherette briefcase design with magnetic flap and chrome-plated swivel handle. Three seamless backgrounds (reflective silver, matte white and black) are included, along with top and bottom attachment clips and corner pockets.


The D-Flector backgrounds can be used without the add-on lights and stands for hand-held product photography.
The background material is smudge-resistant and easy to clean. It records as pure white when photographed with flash or strobe lighting as the main source, giving the subject a clean, silhouetted appearance that is ideal for use on online auctions or other marketing venues. The Sharpics monopod included in the tabletop studios will clamp onto any table up to two inches thick and extends to 16 inches. Unlike a tripod, it provides room to work without taking up floor space and has many adjustable features found on most tripods without the legs. A ball head allows the camera to be panned and tilted.
The two mini studio lights that make up the Compact Studio Light Kit come with ‘daylight-balanced’ compact 30-watt fluorescent bulbs and adaptors. They have a two-section column with a flip grip that adjusts from 12-inches to 18-inches and contain two adjustable nine-inch reflectors. The Sharpics Clamp-On Overhead Light, part of the Complete Starter System, also comes with a bulb and adaptor. The overhead light features a two-inch clamp with moulded knob, two-section vertical column and two-section horizontal column with twist lock, as well as a nine-inch reflector with adjustable ball bracket.
The Compact Studio Light Kit for Tabletop sells for $297 plus GST, and the D-Flector Portable Photo Studio is also priced at $297 plus GST. For more information, visit