New Zealand company, Syrp, has released the first Syrp variable neutral density (ND) filter kits that can be used with still and movie cameras.


The new Syrp variable ND filter kit. (Source: Syrp.)

ND filters reduce the intensity of light entering a lens without altering its colour. They are used to provide exposure and depth of field control. The Syrp filter is adjustable to provide between one and 8.5 EV of light reduction, enabling photographers and film makers to shoot in bright sunlight using slow shutter speeds and/or wide lens apertures. Applications include motion blurring when photographing water or while panning and depth of field control to focus on a subject while blurring   out distracting backgrounds.

The filters are made from glass and solid aluminium and have special coatings made in Japan to minimise flare and resist scratches and oily fingerprints. The front ring moves with a smooth sliding action to provide seamless exposure transitions. Regular lens caps can be used with both filters.

Two kits are available: Small (RRP$139), which is based upon a 67 mm filter   and Large (RRP $189) based on an 82 mm filter. Each kit includes two step-up rings to allow lenses with smaller diameters to use the filter. The Small kit has 52-67 mm and 58-67 mm step-up rings, while the Large kit has 72-82 mm and 77-82 mm step-up rings. A Syrp lens cloth is provided with each kit and the kits are packed in a genuine leather case with a secure zip closure.

The filter is now available and shipping world-wide from the  Syrp Online store.