After three years of development, New Zealand locals Syrp Ltd have announced the impending release of Genie II, the filmmaker’s motion control tool of choice.


The new Genie II in use with the linear controller and a mini pan-tilt mounting. (Source: Syrp.)

Initially announced at NAB 2017, the new Genie II is stronger, faster, and quieter than its predecessor but as easy to use and just as portable. It will fit into a backpack and comes complete with getting keyframes, full camera control, high speed wireless connection and 3-axis motion control.  The original Genie’s core time-lapse features have been expanded with  new and improved  features and applications for filmmakers and photographers.  
Genie II is made up of two modules, Linear and Pan Tilt. Much like the original Genie, Genie II Linear can attach to any film equipment on the market including sliders, dollies and DIY gear but is completely redesigned and now includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB-C for enabling camera and App control. It’s also compatible with the Genie Mini, enabling users to create a more affordable 2- or 3-axis combination.  
Genie II Pan Tilt can also be used on a tripod when purchased alone. It represents a great upgrade from the Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit  but can also be used with Genie II Linear for full 3-axis control. Syrp’s new Patent Pending Quick Release System enables Genie II Pan Tilt to be clicked directly into the Linear drive for 3-Axis setup. The Pan Tilt Drive also adds an internal LCD for quick setup and both modules include in-built Joysticks for movement control.

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