Syrp has released the latest version of its Syrp Genie App which includes the ability to shoot Panoramas and 360 photos.


The latest version of the Syrp Genie App makes it easy to capture 360-degree panorama images. (Source: Syrp.)

The   new app enables users to specify the amount of overlap, number of photos and range of movement, right up to 360 degrees. With a 180-degree lens, users can also shoot full 360 photos for direct uploading to 360-degree viewers or straight into Facebook for 360 / VR viewing. Users can also create ‘Little Planet’ images in which a circular subject is contained within a rectangle of sky. A tutorial is available at

To install the update download the latest version of the Syrp Genie App from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS). Once installed and connected to a Genie Mini you will be prompted to update the firmware on your device. If you are having trouble with updating then refer to our firmware tips on page 10 of the user manual, which can be downloaded from the company’s website at