Video accessories specialist, Syrp, has released a new ‘Genie’ Compatible motion control kit for shooting time-lapse sequences over long distances of up to 100m in length.


Setting up the new Slingshot ‘Genie’ Compatible motion control kit. (Source: Syrp.)

Designed to be easy to set up, the Slingshot contains everything needed for shooting super long time-lapse motion sequences in one simple backpack. The kit includes the standard 25 metre rope plus the mobile cradle for the camera.  Two additional rope lengths,  50 metre and 100 metre, are available. Using the supplied tools, the rig can be set up in minutes and, once the camera is installed, it can be used to integrate both Pan Track and 3 Axis movements.

The basic kit contains the Slingshot cradle plus 25 metre rope and Genie ropes is a dedicated bag. It is priced at US$989. The Slingshot Genie Ballhead Kit, which sells for US$1887, adds one Genie unit plus a ballhead and link cable. Other kits available are the Slingshot Pan Track Kit (US$2155) and the Slingshot 3 Axis 100m Kit (US$3102). For details, visit