Sony has announced a new flagship flashgun for its digital camera line-up, along with a new release cable for its RX0 camera system.


The new Sony HVL-F60RM  flashgun. (Source: Sony.)
The new HVL-F60RM flash offers  high-power flash output,  reliable continuous performance and advanced control features with integrated radio control options. With a GN of   60 (m/ISO 100), it illumination angles from 20mm  to 200mm,  providing uniform wide-range zoom coverage without shading with continuous shooting up to 220  flashes. The use of heat resistant materials and the deployment of new advanced algorithms means that heat resistance has been increased  by as much as 4x  compared to the previous model, the HVL-F60M. Its recycle time which has been reduced to 1.7 seconds[v]  or just 0.6 seconds  with the new External Battery  Adaptor, the FA-EBA1. The Quick Shift Bounce feature allows the photographer to quickly shift from horizontal to vertical orientation, 90 degrees left or right, upward by up to 150 degrees, and downward by 8 degrees for flexible positioning and optimum lighting for a wide range of scenes. Independent light output level  (LEVEL -/+)  buttons allow direct control of output or compensation. The dust and moisture resistant design  of the HVL-F60RM  can be augmented by a new optional  Rain  Guard, the  FA-RG1.

All products will be available in Australia in late April, 2018. The HVL-F60RM has an  RRP of $799; the FA-EBA1 is $449 and the FA-RG1  will sell for $29.  


Angled view of the Sony RX0 camera. (Source: Sony.)
Sony has also announced a new Release Cable, the VMC-MM2 for its RX0 camera system. Designed to support dual-camera shooting, it enables photographers to use the RX0 with other Sony  ?  or Cyber-shot  cameras  via Multi Interface Shoe  or via bracket/rig set-up to simultaneously capture high quality  images.  With just single press of the main camera’s release button,  it enables the user to capture one moment in two different ways, with a variation of angle of view, depth of view or frame rate, to take a few examples.  This form of dual-camera shooting is especially useful for wedding, event and press conference photographers  and journalists. It offers the opportunity to capture multiple perspectives using different angles of view that can be edited and packaged into an impactful series of work. The new  VMC-MM2  will  be available in Australia late April  2018 for RRP $99.00.

For full details of the new products, contact Sony Australia on 1300 720 071 or visit