Sony Corporation has announced new ECX339A OLED Microdisplay featuring UXGA resolution and ‘the world’s smallest pixel pitch of 6.3μm’.


The new Sony 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay ECX339A. (Source: Sony.)

Designed for use in electronic viewfinders, the ECX339A panel has a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, which is 1.6x higher than the previous model, the  ECX337A which has a resolution of  1280 x 960 pixels. The improvements are achieved through transistor miniaturisation plus a Sony original compensation circuit and optimised layouts. The colour filter is also deposited directly on the silicon substrate, reducing its distance from the light emitting layer, and the filter’s colour array has been modified to secure the viewing angle properties while achieving high resolution.  


The diagram above compares the new and old structures, showing measures to secure viewing angle even with smaller pixel pitch in the new product (UXGA, left) and previous product (QVGA, right). (Source: Sony.)

The new ECX339A panel  also has a faster frame rate of up to 240 fps, nearly double that of its predecessor. The increased refresh rates enable users to frame fast-moving subjects in the viewfinder with higher accuracy and provide a more comfortable shooting experience. In head-mounted display devices, this will help to improve image delay issue for items superimposed on real-world vision of AR and to avoid motion sickness during usage of these kinds of devices.

New circuitry enables the ECX339A panel to operate on half the voltage of previous model, delivering the same low-power operation as its predecessor when operating at the same frame rate, despite the nearly 1.6x increase in the number of pixels. The ECX339A 0.5-type OLED Microdisplay is scheduled for global release in November 2018 an a pre-tax price of 50,000 Yen (~AU$614).

Key Specifications



Display Size

0.5 type (12.6 mm Diagonal length)



Pixel pitch


Max. frame rate

120 fps (progressive) / 240 fps (dual-line progressive)

Power consumption (200cd/m2)

310 mW @ 60 fps (progressive) / 120 fps (dual-line progressive)

Video interface


Max. luminance



100,000:1 or higher

Colour gamut (u’v’)

sRGB ratio: 110%