Sony has announced new wired and wireless multi-camera solutions for its RX0 camera through a new accessory Camera Control Box and improved wireless software.


Sony’s new Camera Control Box accessory enables multiple RX0 cameras to be synchronised via a computer connection. (Source: Sony.)

The Camera Control Box (model CCB-WD1) connects to the RX04 and enables PC control through a web browser via wired IP (internet protocol) connection. The wired connection of Camera Control Box also allows for seamless control and synchronisation of multiple pairs of RX0 cameras and Camera Control Boxes ““ up to 100 units in total ““ enabling creators to produce high quality movie effects like ‘bullet-time’ or virtual reality, or to shoot high profile events from different angles. In this configuration, the cameras can have their controls synchronised and be set to all start/stop recording at the same time. Additionally, a video sync function is also available, allowing frame timing to easily synchronise between cameras frame by frame. The new CCB-WD1 Camera Control Box will be available in Australia from February 2018.

Sony has also announced version 6.2 of its PlayMemories Mobile application, which expands the multi-camera control capabilities when paired with the RX04. With the new version of the mobile application, users will be able to link their smartphone or tablet to up to 50 RX0 cameras via an access point and control them simultaneously. Users also have the ability to control and shoot by separately assigned camera ‘groups’. The new PlayMemories Mobile application version 6.2 will be available in Australia at the end January 2018.