Users can specify the count, usually the more the better.

November 5, 2005: LaserSoft has released significant upgrades to its popular SilverFast Ai Studio and SilverFast SE Plus software, which provide a quality boost in the resulting scans.

The improvements result from SilverFast’s patent pending Multi-Sampling with Auto-Alignment technology, which yields dramatic improvements in scanner dynamic range. Multi-Sampling also minimises scanner-induced noise in shadowed areas by performing four, eight, or even 16 scans during scan time. Users can specify the count, usually the more the better. After performing the scans, the images are averaged together into one image in a way that will cancel only the noise but leave the image details untouched. Intelligent auto-alignment ensures no image blurring results from this process.

The new technology is available in two applications: SilverFast SE Plus and SilverFast Ai Studio. SilverFast SE Plus is an entry-level application for newcomers to digital image processing. It can be used as a stand-alone application or as a Plug-in for Photoshop and includes Integrated QuickTime movie tutorials to help users understand and benefit from each function. The software can be upgraded to SilverFast Ai. The software can be downloaded from the SilverFast website as a trial version or purchased online for $US74. Upgrades are available for $US30 for existing users of SilverFast SE or $US59 for bundled SilverFast SE owners.

SilverFast Ai Studio has a wider range of scanning tools for optimising colour reproduction for photographers from beginners to professionals and provides a higher degree of efficiency for image optimisation. It is individually adapted to the hardware of the scanners and can therefore get the very best out of your device. Purchase and upgrade pricing depends on the specific scanner model, with an average price of around $US178. For more information, go to