Sigma has announced a new 16mm f/1.4 DC DN lens for its Contemporary range for M4/3 and Sony E mount cameras.



Side view of the new Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN lens, shown with its lens hood fitted. (Source: Sigma Photo.)

 Designed to provide an effective combination of image quality and compact size, the new lens covers a field of view equivalent to 32mm on M4/3 cameras or 24mm on Sony’s E-mount cameras with APS-C sized sensors. The optical design features 16 elements in 13 groups and includes two aspherical elements, two elements with SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass to minimise chromatic aberrations and three elements with FLD (F Low Dispersion) glass. The FLD glass is  “the highest level low dispersion glass available with extremely high light transmission”, according to Sigma, and should perform as well as fluorite elements, which are much more expensive.

Autofocusing is driven by a stepping motor, which ensures smooth autofocus during video shooting. The lens design fully accommodates the Fast Hybrid AF of Sony E-mount cameras for super-fast autofocus functionality. Using face recognition AF results in consistent autofocusing on faces, even as the subjects move. The Contemporary line is part of Sigma’s Global Vision  range and like all SGV lenses, each lens is hand crafted in the company’s factory in Aizu Japan. Each lens is individually inspected before shipping.

The lens is dust-and splash-resistant and its brass mount is specially sealed. It is supplied with a petal type lens hood (LH716-01) plus rear and front caps. Sigma lists it as suitable for creative, travel, landscape, wedding & events and family photography. No pricing information has been provided and no release date, although the Sigma website lists it as ‘available soon’. For details, visit