The British Council has mounted an international photography competition in search of its global celebrations of next year’s 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

The photographs will be used to  represent and market the Shakespeare Lives programme around the world. The council wants to ‘move away from obvious and clichø©d visual Shakespearean references (tights and ruffs!) and showcase Shakespeare’s global influence in a modern and refreshing way’. Launching in January 2016, the  Shakespeare Lives  programme will include theatre and dance, literature, music, film, English learning for students of all ages and opportunities for higher education in the UK.

Photographers applying for this competition might choose to reference a scene from a Shakespeare play, his influence on literature or capture a famous Shakespearean location ““ the world is one’s oyster”¦

The British Council will select up to 10 images to use in its marketing and promotional material from June 2015 onwards. The images will be used to market the Shakespeare Lives programme globally across a range of digital and print channels during 2015/2016.

Winning photographers will each receive a one-off usage fee of £300 per photograph and will be credited in full wherever their photo is used. The British Council will create a digital gallery of the winning images,  in a similar style to this one, which it will promote widely as part of the  Shakespeare Lives  campaign.

The winning images will also feature in a special  Shakespeare Lives  exhibition at the British Council in central London in 2016 and all winning photographers will be invited to attend the private view.  

Interested photographers can find out more and enter online by 25 May, 17:00 GMT at