Seagate has released six new storage solutions designed primarily for consumer and small business usage, with four carrying the Seagate brand and two new drives from Seagate’s premium brand, LaCie.


 The new Seagate Wireless portable drive. (Source: Seagate.)

A stand-out product for photographers is the Seagate Seven portable drive, a slim (7 mm thick) external drive with an all-metal enclosure made entirely of steel and a 500GB capacity. It has an MSRP of AU$189. Also offering 500GB capacity, the Seagate Wireless drive is designed to stream HD videos on mobile devices and enable users to offload media to preserve storage space on their smart-phones and tablets. Also priced at AU$189, it will be offered in lime green, cool blue, slate grey, fire-engine red and white.

The Seagate Personal Cloud and Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay home storage devices provide the accessibility of cloud storage with security of storing content safely at home.  Prices range from an MSRP of AU$299 for 3TB, AU$349 for 4TB and AU$469 for 5TB; Personal Cloud 2-Bay has an MSRP of AU$619 for 4TB, AU$739 for 6TB and AU$999 for 8TB. All devices in the range enable users to easily stream content to smart-phones, set-top boxes, PCs or television via the Seagate Media app. When used in conjunction with the Seagate Mobile Backup app and Seagate Dashboard, they can serve as a central backup for all devices.

Personal Cloud 2-bay products are designed with two internal drives that can be configured to automatically duplicate all content stored on one drive to a secondary drive or as a single volume of storage for maximum capacity.


 Seagate’s new La Cie Mirror drive offers 1TB of storage capacity in a tough, but elegant, housing. (Source: Seagate.)

The new LaCie Mirror offers 1TB storage capacity for an MSRP of AU$429. A premium product that is wholly encased in scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, this portable drive can supplement a desktop workstation or be used in the field. LaCie’s Rugged RAID is the latest addition a popular line of Rugged mobile hard drives. It offers twice the speed of a standard mobile hard drive with 4TB of capacity and is dust and water resistant. It features hardware RAID 0 and 1, which lets professionals optimise the product for speed or data security according to their workflow. Compatible with any Mac or PC, it also supports Thunderbolt and USB 3.0   for sustained performance. Pricing has still to be determined.


 The robust and versatile LaCie Rugged RAID mobile drive.  (Source: Seagate.)
 Seagate Seven, Wireless, Personal Cloud and LaCie Mirror are available in Australia at JB HIFI and other major retailers. For more information, visit