Sanyo has released details of five new models that will be added to its Xacti Dual Camera range in the next three months.


March 25, 2010: Sanyo has released details of five new models that will be added to its Xacti Dual Camera range in the next three months.
Designed to provide high-quality video and stills recording, the Xacti series of cameras are stylish in design, compact in size and store data on popular SD and SDHC memory cards. All the new models support Full HD recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels and all come with mini HDMI connectors to allow direct playback of video clips on HDTV sets. Two styles are on offer: the standard body shape with a double record button for low-angle shooting and the pistol grip design.
The VPC-CS1 is claimed as the smallest, lightest and thinnest camera in its class. Featuring a pistol grip design, it has a 10x optical zoom lens and supports 8-megapixel still image capture. Videos are recorded with stereo sound. Eye-Fi compatibility enables automatic wireless upload of photos and videos to a computer. A built in iFrame option enables the VPC-CS1 to record in the same format used for editing with iMovie. The VPC-CS1 is due for release in late April at an RRP of $499.


The VPC-CS1 will be offered in silver and hot pink. (Source: Sanyo.)

Similar features are offered in the conventionally-styled VPC-SH1, which also goes on sale in late April at an RRP of $599. Equipped with a 35mm (equivalent) wide angle lens plus 30x Advanced Zoom for video recording, it can capture still images at 10-megapixel resolution and features a handy advanced double record button for low-angle recording. This model will be offered in red and black.


The red version of the Xacti VPC-SH1. (Source: Sanyo.)

The VPC-GH1 (RRP$399), which will be offered in silver, light blue and light pink, is also conventionally-styled, with the same double record button as the VPC-SH1. It sports a 12x optical zoom lens with double range zoom that lets users switch easily between different zoom ranges. The VPC-CG100 boasts similar features in a pistol-grip body and will be offered in black, wine red and white. Both these models capture photos at 14-megapixel resolution. At entry level, the pistol-grip VPC-CG20 (RRP$349) records still pictures at 10-megapixel resolution and sports a 5x optical zoom lens. It will be available in silver, gold and pink.


From left: the VPC-GH1, VPC-CG100 and VPC-CG20. (Source: Sanyo.)
The VPC-GH1 is scheduled to go on sale in May, while the VPC-CG100 and VPC-CG20 are due for release in June. Full details of the new cameras can be found at