Relatively compact and lightweight for their respective formats, the new lenses offer budget friendly prices that make them affordable for videographers.

The new Speedmaster set of lenses for Micro Four Thirds mount cameras.(Source: ZY Optics.)

The new lenses are the 17mm and 25mm in Micro Four Thirds mount; 35mm in Canon RF, Fujifilm X, Sony E and Micro Four Thirds mount and most importantly, 50mm in Canon EF and Arri PL Mount. The 17mm, 25mm and 35mm provide an ultra-fast and compact option for Panasonic GH5, Z-Cam E2 and Pocket4K cameras. The 35mm has a Super35 image circle and comes with Canon RF, Sony E and Fujifilm X mounts. The new 50mm lens is designed for full frame EF/PL cinema cameras and is the world’s fastest PL-mount cinema lenses covering Arri Alexa LF and Red Monstro sensors.

ZY Optics is currently working to add more focal lengths to the 3 line-ups (i.e. Micro Four Thirds, Super 35 and Full Frame) and more details will be released soon. 17mm, 25mm and 35mm are now ready to ship and order via ZY optics official web store and their authorised resellers. The 50mm will be ready to ship in late June.