Venus Optics has updated its cine lens offerings with a new Lite version of its Laowa Ranger Compact Cine Zoom series featuring magnesium alloy housings.

The two versions of the Ranger series of cinematography lenses: one the left is the Lite version with magnesium alloy housings, which is 10% lighter than the standard black version on the rigth. (Source: Venus Optics.)

More durable and 10% lighter than the standard version, the Ranger Lite series covers the same range and delivers the same image quality but features a stylish space-grey professional housing. Otherwise, both versions share the same optical designs and cover popular zoom ranges with fast T2.9 maximum apertures, making them well suited to commercial, documentary and movie production. Both versions are parfocal in design, guaranteeing precise focus control while zooming. The robust optical design also allows a really close focus to 49 cm for the 28-75mm lens. The new Lite versions also come with the same quick back focus adjustment mechanism as the standard versions. They are initially offered in PL and EF mounts but additional RF, E, Z and L mirrorless camera mounts can be purchased separately for US$100 each.

Both standard and Lite versions of the Laowa Ranger Compact Cine Zoom lenses are available to purchase via Laowa Cine official website ( and authorised resellers at MSRPs of US$3,499 each and US$6,799 for a 2-lens bundle. Click here to visit the product page.