Venus Optics has announced the release of two new cine macro lenses with up to 2x life-size magnification for popular mirrorless cameras.

The new Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine and 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine lenses. (Source: Venus Optics.)

The new Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine lens is available in Fujifilm X, Sony E, Nikon Z and Canon EF-M cropped-sensor (Super 35) cameras and is the first of its type with a 17 cm minimum focusing distance. The Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine lens is designed for ‘full-frame cameras and compatible with Arri PL, Sony E, Canon EF, Canon RF and L mounts. Both lenses feature fast maximum apertures and apochromatic designed to minimise chromatic aberrations. They are also good for low light use. Designed for professional use, the focusing ring and the stepless aperture ring are equipped with industrial standard 0.8 mod gear. Both lenses have 77mm filter threads so cinematographers can choose between screw-in filters and using matte boxes. The table below compares the two lenses.

  Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro

APO Cine

Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Macro

APO Cine

Focal Length 65mm 100mm
Angle of View 24.4 degrees 26.1 degrees
T Stop Range T2.9-22
Format Compatibility Super 35 Full Frame
Lens Structure 14 elements in 10 groups 12 elements in 10 groups
Aperture Blades 9 13
Min. Focus 17 cm 24.7 cm
Focus Throw 249 degrees 220 degrees
Filter Thread 77 mm 77 mm
Dimensions 84.8 x 103 mm 85.6 x 139 mm
Weight 550 grams 957 grams
Mounts Canon EF-M / Fujifilm X/

Sony E/ Nikon Z

Arri PL / Sony E /

Canon EF / Canon R /

L mount

RRP US$599 US$999
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