Venus Optics has created a new series of anamorphic cinema lenses, featuring lightweight 28-55mm and 50-100mm with a maximum aperture of T2.9 and constant 1.5x squeeze ratios.

The new Laowa 28-55mm and 50-100mm Nanomorph 1.5X Anamorphic Zoom lenses.(Source: Venus Optics.)

Designed to provide cinematographers with versatile zoom capabilities the new lenses have a close-focusing distance of 45 cm and offer cinematic flare options and ‘organic’ oval bokeh. The new lenses are compatible with Laowa’s 1.33x Front Anamorphic Adapter, which can convert them to compact and cost-effective 2x anamorphic zoom lenses. This combination is ideal for shooting with the 6:5 aspect ratio. With a weight of approximately 1.5 kg the new lenses are smaller than other S35 anamorphic zoom lenses. They are also easy to mount on cars, gimbals, or steadicams to capture action footage. Nanomorph Zoom lenses also maintain focus throughout the zoom range from wide-angle to telephoto.

The Nanomorph series is designed for use with Super35 (APS-C) cameras with a 31.9mm image circle. Starting from 65mm, the lenses can also be utilized on full-frame cameras, although some slight vignetting may occur. Purchasers can choose from several flare options, including amber, blue, and silver.

Laowa currently offers the Nanomorph Zoom lenses in ARRI PL mount as default, with optional interchangeable mount bayonets for Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Fujifilm X and L mount available for purchase. The Nanomorph Zoom Series is now available to order on Indiegogo. Click here to visit the product page for these lenses.