Chinese manufacturer, Vazen, has released a new 135mm T2.8 1.8x anamorphic lens for Full Frame EF/PL professional cinema cameras.

Angled view of the new 135mm T2.8 1.8x anamorphic lens. (Source: Vazen.)

The new lens completes a three-lens set comprising 50mm, 85mm and now135mm focal lengths for large format cinema cameras like the Red Monstro, Red V-Raptor, Alexa LF, Kinefinity Mavo LF and Z-CAM E2-F8. It has the same focus and aperture position as the 85mm for easy lens switching on set, along with a consistent 86mm front filter thread and a standard 95 mm front diameter for matte box mounting. Its minimum focus is 1.52 metres. The entire lens is built up of aluminium and the independent aperture and focus rings are equipped with 0.8 mod cine gears. The lens is available in an interchangeable PL and EF mount and has an RRP of US$8000. A three-lens set with a hard case is available for US$19,999.

The lens and the set are currently available to order from authorized resellers and from the Vazen website. It is available to ship immediately. Free Fedex Priority shipping provided.