Techart has updated its Leica M to Nikon Z with a more robust motor and better autofocusing to make it more solid and work-friendly for stills photographers and videographers.

The new Techart Leica M – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter (TZM-02) adapter in use on a Nikon Z-mount camera. (Source: Techart.)

The TZM-02 is compatible with all of Nikon’s latest camera models, including the Z9, Z6II, Z7, Z7II, Z5, Z50, Zfc and Z30. It features a sleeker design that eliminates the bulge that is found on other motor-driven adapters by placing four lightweight servo motors radially around the case to provide four-axis support that allows much faster focusing and gives greater support for heavier lenses. The new unicase machining technology also helped significantly reduced the number of parts used and allowed for further compression of the adapter’s size.

Thanks to the short flange distance of the Leica M-mount, users can stack additional adapters to enjoy autofocus with virtually any lenses with TZM-02. Options include lenses with the following mounts: Canon FD, Leica R, L39, Nikon F, Canon EF, Pentax K, C/Y, Minolta MD, M42, Olympus OM, Exakta, Konica AR, Contarex CR, QBM, ARRI, ALPA, DKL. The TZM-02 is the first adapter of its kind which can support video AF, including the eye tracking function. Updating firmware is easy; users simply connect the adapter via the USB dock on the adapter’s back cap, run the updated software in their computers and click the software update button. Both Mac and Window OS are supported.

The TZM-02 is available to order now at an MSRP of US$399. Click here to visit the product page.