Techart has released a new autofocus adapter (TZG-01) that allows Contax G lenses to be used on Nikon Z cameras with full autofocusing support.

The new TZG-01 adapter in use with a Contax G lens on a Nikon mirrorless camera. (Source: Techart.)

The release of the Z-mount adapter follows the success of the TA-GA3 autofocus adapter, which allows Contax G lenses to be use with Sony E cameras. The brushless adapter motor drives a screw on G lenses to initiate the focusing mechanism and supports AF-S, AF-C modes, as well as manual focus. A dial on the side of the adapter provides fine-tuning adjustments.

The new TZG-01 adapters are made from aircraft-graded aluminium and copper alloy, which makes them light but tough.  Internal flocking is applied to eliminate reflections from stray light and the lens release tab has been machined to less than 0.01mm tolerance to ensure a smooth installation of the lenses. The CPU has been upgraded to a 32-bit ARM unit to facilitate data transmission for fast performance. The adapter is also compatible with IBIS in Nikon cameras. It weigh one 134 grams and is firmware upgradable via Micro USB plug.

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