The latest update to the Tamron Lens Utility, TLU 3.0, expands the software’s lens customisation options for stills photography and video recording.

Available to download now, the updated version of the software will add the following features:

  • Digital Follow Focus (DFF) (TLU-M Only) – Allows you to use your smartphone screen to control focus pulling between two pre-set points, mimicking a follow focus system. The Focus Ring rotation direction and focus units (metres/feet) indicated can be customised. And lastly, the Aperture Ring direction and EV steps (smooth, 1/3 or 1/2) can also be customised. (This last feature is not supported on Nikon Z mount lenses.)
  • Delayed Start Time – This feature lets the user set a delay between pressing the focus button and the actual focus shift. This helps avoid camera shake or button noise from being recorded during video shooting.
  • Focus Stopper – Locks the focus range while using manual focus in video mode. This prevents you from accidentally moving the focus past your subject. It automatically disengages when switching to autofocus.
  • Astro Focus Lock (Astro FC-L) – Locks the focus on infinity for astrophotography. This prevents accidental adjustments and ensures sharp images of stars.

Click here to download the latest version of the Tamron Lens Utility.