Sony has quietly shifted from DSLR to mirrorless cameras with the discontinuation of its last remaining DSLR, the A99 Mark II.

The A99 Mark II is the last of Sony’s A-mount DSLR cameras. (Source: Sony.)

While the camera is still listed on Sony’s Australian website and some units may remain in dealers’ hands, all of the online resellers we visited had it listed as ‘discontinued’.  Other models released around the same time, such as the A77 Mark II and A68 are also no longer available. This step is a clear indication of the interchangeable-lens market moving to mirrorless cameras. It remains to be seen how long it will take for Canon and Nikon to make a similar shift since the last time either company announced a DSLR was in early 2020 when Canon unveiled the EOS-1DX III and EOS 850D cameras and Nikon announced the D780. Pentax appears to be still in the DSLR game, having announced the K-3 Mark III at the end of March 2021. But it is a very minor player in the overall camera market.