Skylum’s new AI-based image editor, Luminar Neo, which is designed primarily for novice users, is now available worldwide.

Based upon the previous Luminar AI application, Luminar Neo provides a simple interface plus Instagram-friendly tools that are easy enough for beginners to use. As in Luminar AI, tools

are grouped into palettes with quick edits for functions like Relight (exposure adjustments), Remove Dust, Remove Power Lines, Atmosphere (adding most or haze to backgrounds), Body, Crop, Enhance, Face, Skin, Sky and Structure.  Users can Share images between desktop and mobile devices and use tools multiple times to amplify their effect. There is limited Layers support but no histogram display, clone and stamp tools or dodging and burning brushes and no undo-redo facilities. Copy and paste facilities are very limited. Organisational tools are limited.

Luminar Neo is available in two versions: The basic version sells for AU$108 and includes a lifetime license. while Luminar Neo Plus sells for AU$192 and includes Luminar X Membership (valued at AU$84), 120 free pre-sets and 120 free Sky Textures per year, four free Luminar tutorials and four free photography tutorials per year and 15% discount on creative assets in the Luminar Marketplace. Included in the bundle free of charge is the Soulful Panoramas application.

Luminar Neo is available as a subscription or with lifetime access for a one-time payment. A subscription plan secures further innovative upgrades to Luminar Neo.  Click here for full details