Serif has unveiled Version 2 of its popular Affinity creative suite, which consists of Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2.

The new applications integrate photo editing, graphic design, illustration and layout into a sleek workflow that encompasses a wide range of applications. The redesigned user interface provides common tools across the three platforms and significant performance improvements. Affinity Photo 2 gains the ability to develop RAW files non-destructively, enabling users to change development settings at any time, including after adding additional layers or adjustments to a file. A new Compound Masks function makes it easy to combine multiple mask layers together non-destructively using add, intersect, subtract and XOR operations. Live Mesh Warp allows users to apply a non-destructive warp to distort an overlay to match the surface of an underlying template, while Normals Adjustment enables editing of lighting layers generated from 3D render software. Masking capabilities have also been expanded and users can save different visibility states of a layer stack to quickly review different design options or versions of the work. JPEG XL support enables work to be exported in a format that is becoming more popular in web browsers, ensuring wider distribution.

Alongside the launch of Affinity V2 comes the release of Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad, completing the core suite of apps available on macOS, Windows and iPadOS. Feature packed, intuitive and touch-friendly, it is the first time a desktop-grade layout and page design app has made its way to the platform.

Affinity V2 Universal License has also been announced today giving customers an option to buy a package containing Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2 for use on Mac, PC and iPad – all for a single all-inclusive amount. Click here for full details of the new releases.