RØDE Microphones is making its Ambisonic Sound Library, a huge collection of ambisonic recordings, available free to download to account holders.

The library contains hundreds of high-quality ambisonic recordings in 360° surround sound format that have been recorded over the past 18 months by some of the world’s top sound recordists – including award-winning composer and field recordist Watson Wu and visionary electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine. The collection ranges from atmospheric soundscapes to specific sound effects, making it an invaluable resource for sound designers, filmmakers, and audio producers.

Users can preview and download the ambisonic files and load them into the free SoundField by RØDE Plug-in in any digital audio workstation. The Ambisonic Sound Library is also an excellent introduction for those who are curious about ambisonic recording but haven’t had the chance to get their hands on an ambisonic microphone. Click here to access and explore the Ambisonic Sound Library where you’ll need to create an account. All recordings are free to download and use.