Overnight Ricoh Imaging has released details of the HD Pentax-D FA 70–210mm f/4 ED SDM WR zoom lens, which is designed for use with Pentax K-Mount DSLR cameras.

The new HD Pentax-D FA 70–210mm f/4 ED SDM WR zoom lens, shown without the PH-RBP67 lens hood. (Source: Ricoh Imaging.)

Covering a popular zoom range the new 70–210mm f/4 is designed for full-frame Pentax K-mount DSLRs but can also be used on cameras with APS-C sensors where it covers a 35mm equivalent 105-315mm range. The optical design consists of 20 elements in 14 groups and includes a series of low dispersion elements that help to minimise chromatic aberrations plus a multi-layer HD Coating for suppressing flare and surface reflections. A ring-type Supersonic Direct-drive Motor (SDM) delivers fast, quiet and precise autofocusing, while a Quick-Shift Focus System provides easy switching between AF and MF settings. A two step focus limiter allows even faster focusing times.

The constant f/4 maximum aperture ensures consistent brightness throughout the zoom range and allows control over depth of field. Internal focusing and zooming mechanisms keep the overall lens length constant during use. The lens also features moisture-resistant construction plus a SP (Super Protect) coating on the front element to repel dust and grime. The nine-bladed iris diaphragm contributes to a pleasing bokeh quality and is driven electromagnetically to ensure accurate exposure control during video recording.

The US MSRP for this lens is US$1099.95. Local pricing and availability details will be added once they are available.