The latest version of Anthropics Technology’s PortraitPro retouching software introduces a number of generative AI modules to improve speed, simplicity and precision in portrait editing.

The Glasses Reflection Remover can suppress unwanted reflections in glasses and give users the ability to fine-tune enhancement levels using intuitive sliders to achieve natural-looking results. (Source: Anthropics Technology.)

The new software makes it easier for users achieve professional-looking results quickly and efficiently, while giving them full control over the process. New features in the latest version include:

  • Mouth Inpainting & Teeth Replacer
  • Glasses Reflection Remover
  • Face Recovery
  • Skin and Hair masks
  • Improved workflow
  • New gender and age detector

PortraitPro 24 is available in three editions: PortraitPro Standard for individual photographers working with JPEG or 24-bit TIFF files; PortraitPro Studio, which adds support for raw files, supports conversion between different colour spaces, and provides JPEG/TIFF embedded colour profile support; and PortraitPro Studio Max, which suits photographers working with a large number of images and includes Full Batch Mode to speed-up workflows. You can find out more about the new features and the three editions here.