The latest iteration of Phase One’s Capture One is now available offering new capabilities and improvements upon the raw file processing software’s existing tools.

Key features include a new Basic Colour Editor (shown above), which is compact and easy to use. Click anywhere on the photo and drag to adjust the hue, saturation and lightness of any colours – or edit with intuitive sliders. A new High Dynamic Range tool makes it easy to recover highlights, boost shadows, darken the blacks or boost the brightest areas of images. Noise reduction processing has also been improved, enabling users to retain colours and details in high ISO images. Cropping and scrolling tools have also been enhanced and support is available for DNG.RAW files. It is also easier to copy specific layers between photos – including photos with different formats and sizes – without replacing the existing layers on the destination photo and sort images faster.

Capture One 20 is available for Windows and Mac operating systems and is offered in several versions. Click here for more information.