The Peak Design Travel Tripods, claimed as the world’s most portable, packable tripods, will be available in Australia next Tuesday in aluminium and carbon fibre versions.

Packing down to roughly half the size of traditional travel tripods, these tripods take up the same space as a water bottle without sacrificing height, stability or load capacity. They are faster to setup and pack than traditional tripods and feature more ergonomic adjustment points, built-in mobile compatibility, quick-locking leg cams and omni-directional ball head adjustment rings plus ball head interfaces that are compatible with all PD plates and most Arca-type plates. Bubble levels are included, along with nonslip, shock absorbing rubber feet.  Built-in load hanging hooks are provided for weights to provide stability in windy conditions.

Both models are optimised for use with a full-frame DSLR + telephoto lens and have weight-bearing capacities of just over 9 kg. The built-in mobile mount is magnetically stowed in the centre column, which is reversible to permit low and inverted configuration modes that allow the camera to sit a few centimetres off the ground. All components are weather and impact resistant as well as fully serviceable, cleanable and replaceable. A slim, protective carry sleeve is provided.

The aluminium version weighs 1.56 kg and is priced at AU$699, while the carbon fibre version weighs 1.27 kg and is priced at AU$1199. Each kit includes the legs, ball head, protective soft case, ARCA-compatible Standard Plate, mobile mount, hex tool with carrying clip and bushing removal tool for maintenance. Email for stockist details.