OM Digital Solutions has announced the latest addition to its Tough series of waterproof cameras, the Tough TG-7, which will be offered in red and black versions.

Angled view of the Tough TG-7, red version. (Source: OM Digital Solutions.)

The new camera is almost identical to the Tough TG-6 in sensor size and type, resolution and basic specifications.  Like its predecessor (which has been discontinued) is sports a 4x optical zoom lens with an f/2.0 maximum aperture and is waterproof to depths of 15 meters. As well as JPEGs, the Tough TG-7 can record ORF.RAW files and supports 4K video capture at up to 30 fps along with Full HD recording at up to 120fps. The  TG-7 has the same 25–100 mm equivalent lens with maximum apertures of f/2 to f/4.9 and a Variable Macro System that allows close-up shooting down to one centimeter from the edge of the lens with a maximum image magnification of 7x. New additions, italicised in the table below include a swap to a USB Type-C interface that supports USB charging, support for vertical video recording for social media and the introduction of a Pro Capture Mode.

Product Tough TG-7 Tough TG- 6
Image quality Number of effective pixels​ 12.0 million​ 12.0 million​
ISO​ 100-12800​ 100-12800​
AR coating​ Yes​ Yes​
Video 4K video​ 4K30P​ 4K30P​
Full HD 120fps high speed movie​ Yes​ Yes​
Monitor 3.0-inch 1037k dots​ 3.0-inch 1037k dots​
Field sensor system Yes​ Yes​
Tough capabilities Waterproof​ IPX8​ IPX8​
Dustproof​ 15m​ 15m​
Shockproof​ IP6X​ IP6X​
Crushproof​ 2.1m​ 2.1m​
Freezeproof​ -10℃​ -10℃​
Underwater modes Underwater shooting Yes​ Yes​
Underwater white balance​ 3 types​ 3 types​
Focus stacking Number of composite
Selectable from 3
to 10​
Selectable from 3
to 10​
Remote controller Yes​ ー​
USB jack Type-C​ microB​
Construction mode Yes in SCN​ Separate product 
Others Vertical video​ Yes​ ー​
Interval shooting/Frame 
Yes​ ー​
Interval shooting/exposure 
Yes​ ー​
Recordable still
330​ 340​
Colour​ Red and black​ Red and black​
Colour/Size/ weight Size​ 113.9 × 65.8 × 32.7mm​ 113 x 66 x 32.4mm​
Weight​ 249g​ 253g​

The SCN (scene) presets have been split into six ‘Themes’ that cover People, Nightscapes, Motion, Scenery, Indoors and a new Construction Mode, which has three configurations. Mode 1 is for eliminating dust that is invisible to the naked eye but can create distracting reflections in flash shots; Mode 2 is for brightening areas in flash shots where the light failed to reach background areas; and Mode 3 is designed to optimise brightness ranges in backlit scenes with expanded dynamic ranges. Additional settings are provided for Indoor, Slow Shutter, Documents and Panorama shots. The Panorama mode has a selectable interior mode that optimises flash exposures to ensure evenly-lit results. The camera has a built-in GPS data logger for recording location information, including underwater depth. It can also be set to record images at sizes that conform to the requirements of government statutory bodies.

The Tough TG-7 is compatible with the same accessory lenses as its predecessors. (Source: OM Digital Solutions.)

Other options include a Live Composite mode and Interval Shooting for Time Lapse Movie generation with selectable frame priority and smoothing modes.  The TG-7 can accept many of the accessories that were designed for the previous model, including the TCON-T01 1.7x teleconverter, the FCON-T01 0.74x and FCON-T02 Fisheye converters and the CLA-TO1 converter adapter. A dedicated PRF-D40.5 PRO protection filter is available for the lens, while there are a number of carrying options available for system expansion. The CSH-128 silicone jacket and PT-O59 underwater case can also be used with the new camera.

The TG-7 will be available from mid-September at a recommended retail price of AU$799. Click here for more information.