Olympus Australia has released details of the new M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens, which is scheduled to go on sale in January 2021.

Side view of the new
M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens. (Source: Olympus.)

Designed for M4/3 cameras, the new lens is equipped with a built-in 1.25x teleconverter and covers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 300-1000mm. This lens can also be paired with the M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20 to provide up to 2000mm equivalent super telephoto shooting. Built-in 5-axis sync IS delivers up to 8 shutter speed steps of shake compensation or the equivalent of 6 stops when using the built-in teleconverter, enabling handheld super telephoto shooting up to 1000mm (35mm equivalent).

This illustration shows how the IS system in the lens can work with the system in an Olympus camera body to provide up to 8 stops of shake correction. (Source: Olympus.)

The optical design of the new lens consists of 28 elements in 18 groups and includes a newly developed large-diameter EDA (Extra-low Dispersion Aspherical) lens plus four Super ED lenses. The exotic elements work to reduce the incidence of flare and colour bleeding across the entire zoom range and ensure sharp resolution at the edges of the image even with the fixed f/4.5 aperture. Proprietary Z Coating Nano technology is employed to deliver sharp images, even in difficult shooting environments like backlit scenes. With a minimum focusing distance of 1.3 metres across the entire zoom range, the new lens offers a maximum magnification of 0.57x, which increases to 071x when using the built-in teleconverter.

A cutaway view of the new lens showing its optical arrangement. (Source: Olympus.)

The lens barrel is made from magnesium alloy and the lens hood uses a lightweight carbon fibre to ensure the centre of gravity does not shift toward when the lens hood is used. A ‘white’ heat-resistant coating reflects infrared rays from sunlight, preventing temperatures inside the lens from rising, even in extreme hot weather, to ensure stable optical performance. A fluorine coating on the front element provides a smooth and scratch resistant surface that enables easier cleaning for better maintenance. A rubber lens end cover is included to prevent scratches on the front lens. Dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof sealing allows the lens to be used in a wide range of shooting environments.

This diagram shows the positions of the weather-resistant sealing in the new lens. (Source: Olympus.)

The M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens features internal focusing and an inner zoom system that keeps the lens at the same length as it is zoomed out and in. A preset focus function allows users to set and recall one frequently-used focus position, while the rubberised zoom and focusing rings are secure and comfortable to operate. The tripod base plate has a shape and size that is easy to carry around, while strap eyelets are installed on the lens to improve transportability and reduce the load on the lens mount. The new lens is compatible with the Focus Stacking function provided by some Olympus cameras.

The M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens has an RRP of AU$11,999. It is due to go on sale in January 2021.

Picture angle: 8.2 to 3.1 degrees  (6.6 to 2.5 degrees with the built-in teleconverter)
Maximum aperture:  f/4.5 (f/5.6 with built-in teleconverter)
Minimum aperture:  f/22 (f/29 with built-in teleconverter)
Lens construction: 28 elements in 18 groups, including  1 EDA lens, 4 Super ED lenses, 2 ED lenses, 2 HR lenses, 1 HD lens (Built-in teleconverter: 7 elements in 4 groups)
Lens mount:  Micro Four Thirds
Diaphragm Blades: 9 (circular aperture)
Weather resistance: Yes, dust-, splash- and freeze-resistant (IEC Standard publication 60529 IPX1)
Focus drive: High-speed Imager AF (MSC)
Stabilisation: Yes (VCM);  5-axis sync IS 8 steps (6 steps with built-in teleconverter)
Minimum focus: 1.3 metres (without the built-in teleconverter)
Maximum magnification: 0.12x at 159nn, 0.29x at 400mm (without the built-in teleconverter)
Filter size: 95 mm
Dimensions (Diameter x L): 115.8 x 314.3 mm
Weight: 1,875 grams (without Lens Cap, Lens Rear Cap and Lens Hood)
Standard Accessories: LH-115 lens hood, LC-115 lens cap, LR-2 rear cap, CSS-P121 lens strap,LSC-1642 lens case, instruction manual and warranty card