Late August will see the release of the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS, a compact, lightweight super-zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent range of 200-800mm.

Side view of the new M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS super-zoom lens. (Source: Olympus.)

Designed primarily for OM-D cameras, the new lens features the same dustproof and splashproof performance as the M.Zuiko PRO series and is is compatible with the optional lenses MC-14 and MC-20 Teleconverters. With the MC-20 teleconverter the zoom range extends to 400-1600mm equivalent, making it possible to capture close-ups of subjects that are difficult to approach, such as birds. The closest focusing distance of 1.3 metres across the zoom range provides a maximum magnification of 0.57x at the 400mm focal length.  The new lens features in-lens image stabilisation, which can augment the sensor-shift IS in Olympus cameras to ensure sharp, high-quality photos and videos in a variety of situations.

A rear focus system drives the lightweight focusing lens for fast, high-precision AF performance, while a Focus Limit switch reduces the range over which the mechanism operates, allowing for quick focusing and comfortable shooting. The M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS lens can also support the  Focus Stacking function in compatible cameras, which enable multiple shots to be captured at different focal positions and automatically composited into a single image with a wide depth of field.

Despite being a super telephoto zoom lens, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS has a compact, lightweight design with an overall length of 205.7mm, a weight of 1120 grams. It accepts 72 mm filters and comes with a cylindrical lens hood and tripod mount. As well as the optional MC-14 and MC-20 Teleconverters, the lens is compatible with the EE-1 Dot Sight framing assist accessory and the Zuiko PRF-ZD72 PRO Protection Filter.

The M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 IS lens is scheduled for release in late August 2020 at an RRP of AU$2299. Click here for a detailed review.