Google Photos will gain a new video editor later this year, according to an overnight report in technology newsletter, Engadget.

The application, which is scheduled for release from late August, will be available first for Chromebooks as part of an update to Chrome OS. According to the report, it will provide similar functions to the existing highlight clips function in the app, enabling users to select a theme and choose the people or pets you want to include. This will allow Google Photos to create a movie using video clips and images from your library. As well as the automated function, the app will also allow users to compose their own movies from existing images and video clips stored in memory. They will be able to adjust brightness and contrast, add titles and background music, trim clips and apply Real Tone filters. No details are available as to when – or whether – these functions will be rolled out for smartphones, although the video editor will be built in to an optimised version of the Android Google Photos app created for larger screens.

Other new Google Photos features will allow Chromebooks to access the user’s library to make it easy to use stored pictures for background wallpaper. The Gallery app will also gain PDF editing that allows users to fill out forms and sign them when using a Chromebook with a stylus. Hand-written notes can also copy and pasted into other apps or exported to PDFs. Chrome OS will also gain a new dark mode, which automatically adjusts the wallpaper depending on the time of day as well as productivity improvements associated with using the calendar and desktop setups..