3 Legged Thing has introduced a new ‘Legends’ range of professional camera supports that offer maximum versatility combined with high build quality.

The new Mike and Jay tripods from 3 Legged Thing’s ‘Legends’ range, not shown to scale. Mike on the left if the basic tripod fully extended, while Jay on the right is fitted with the AirHed Cine video head.  (Source: 3 Legged Thing.)

The first two tripods in the range, Mike and Jay, are hybrid photo/video tripods with levelling base systems that enable smooth and fast set-ups on challenging terrain. Mike is a full size carbon fibre tripod that provides high stability in any conditions, while Jay features shorter carbon fibre legs with more sections, creating a travel-friendly video option, the first of its kind.

Mike is named after one of the original Bones Brigade skateboarders, Mike McGill. Jay is named for the late Jay Adams, the Dogtown skateboarder, whose style was inspired by surfing and influenced a new generation of skaters. The new Legends tripods have three detachable legs, which legs can be used as a monopod; as boom arms for lights or microphones, or both. With the legs removed each tripod can be used on table-tops or at ground level by joining a set of 3LT’s tripod footwear to the leg hinges. This makes them ideal for macro work.

Each tripod is constructed from eight layers of 100% pure Japanese carbon fibre, and aerospace-grade, anodised magnesium alloy to ensure strength, rigidity, and durability. They come with 3 Legged Thing’s new Rapid Latch, a hardwearing anodised mag-alloy latch with auto-engage

lock, which is used to open and position the legs and make adjustments quick and simple, even if the user is wearing thick gloves. The tripods include removable rubber Bootz, which can be replaced with one of four varieties of alternative footwear, to increase stability on even the most challenging surfaces. Mike and Jay’s levelling base has a friction control that enables users to finely-adjust the positioning. Both tripods are also available in kits with 3 Legged Thing’s new AirHed Cine video head.

Close-up view of the
AirHed Cine video head. (Source: 3 Legged Thing.)

Precision milled from aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, and featuring a distinctive spiderweb design, the AirHed Cine has an adjustable, fluid-motion, tilt mechanism that moves smoothly and can be controlled directly, or with the included panning arm. The arm can be fitted to either side of the head for right or left-handed operation. The AirHed Cine is available with a choice of standard video clamp and plate, or an Arca-Swiss compatible clamp and plate, and features a ¼”-20 thread for externally mounted devices such as articulated arms.

The basic Mike tripod is priced at AU$1123, while the kit with the AirHed Cine-A costs AU$1693. Jay tripods start at AU$933 for the basic tripod, rising to AU$1533 for the tripod plus AirHed Cine. The AirHed Cine is priced at AU$693 when sold on its own. Click here for more information on the Legends range.